ALVAR UNO - The Idea

ALVAR UNO - The Idea

Turning creativity into beautiful and memorable fashion pieces. And how can we have an impact on the environment and take social responsibility doing this. 

This is how ALVAR UNO started and was born. 

Kids are incredibly creative. And thee parents became as well if they are not already. It is amazing to see how the kids express themselves in their paintings or just have a great idea and this comes alive in a painting or drawing. Usually we put these paintings in a frame and hang it on the wall. Or, most of them, end up in the drawer. But why do not create a great fashion piece? These are great motives for a cool, trendy Sweatshirt or T-Shirt. So we started experimenting and testing. 
It turned out that it looks great. We found partners for the clothing. Why should we start our own production? There are already great manufactures out there that we can work with. 

Spending a lot of time with the family being active outside, travelling, or just spending a lot of time with work it came up that stainless steel or glas waterbottles are a MUST HAVE product for every family. We can save so many plastic bottles while using these great alternative products. But they have to look good, being practical and the Brand must take responsibility. That is why you find Soulbottles from Berlin and AYA&IDA from Copenhagen in our webshop.


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