What is important to us

It was clear from the start: sustainability and social responsibility are high on the list and through our website and by our products we offer we want to contribute to help to keep our planet a wonderful place.

We not only choose our suppliers based on whether they deliver great products, they also have to match and share our values ​.

We try to work as sustainable as possible in all areas. We use as little and only recycled packaging as possible. We ship the orders in reusable/recycled mailing bags. The use of plastic in shipping is reduced as much as possible or even avoided. Overall, this protects the environment and the climate and reduces our CO2 footprint.

Of course, the quality of the material and the origin of the products are also very important. All textiles are certified, as are the production facilities. Our suppliers make every effort to work as transparently as possible.

In addition to our work, we also take on responsibility and support various organizations in their important work.